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Out Of The Box Tiny Houses

18 April

Tiny houses come in all shapes and forms. You can have a tiny house in your back yard for the grandparents or one on a trailer for your nomad lifestyle. Tiny houses are often unusual and creative expressions of their owners.

Tiny houses also work well on houseboats, trucks and even in trees. You can put a tiny house almost anywhere.

What Is a Tiny House?
By definition, a tiny house is a structure that is less than 400 square feet (37 m2). Deciding to live in a tiny house is driven by a desire to be environmentally conscientious, make good use of your resources, and to philosophically live a life free of the stress and clutter often aligned with modern living.

Tree Houses

Do you remember when you were a kid and you and your best mate built a tree fort? Well, you can relive those childhood fantasies with a tiny house tree house.

Tree houses have become increasingly popular as a vacation destination and a permanent home.

Kondilla Eco Resort along the Sunshine Coast in Australia offers unique tree house stays. The tree houses are in secluded locations with abundant hiking. Perfect for the naturalist. Enjoy seeing things from a birds perspective as you sip your morning coffee from the treetops.


Financial security can indeed come from living in a tiny tree house as Geoff de Ruiter demonstrates. While he was a grad student studying bio-energy at University of Northern British Columbia he built a tiny home in a tree.

He built his tiny tree house for $8200.00 and substantially reduced his living expenses.

House Truck on Wheels

Putting campers on the backs of trucks is typical for families that want to go camping. After all it’s relatively inexpensive, easy and convenient. But some people take that a step further.

This unbelievable tiny house sits on a truck. But it is no ordinary truck nor is it an ordinary tiny house. This creative expanding castle truck is the brainchild of two New Zealanders, Justin, and Jola.

When the home is collapsed it sits on the truck and is completely road worthy.

Check out this video by Bryce Langston of Living Big in a Tiny House. Bryce is a New Zealander who studied photography at AUT and now makes a living off documenting tiny living spaces.

Unbelievable House Truck Transforms Into Fantasy Castle

Shipping Containers as Tiny Houses

Shipping containers? You may be thinking why on earth would I want to live in a shipping container. A shipping container is an ugly, metal square box.

Well, shipping containers make a great structural template for a tiny home that can be transformed into a beautiful home.

You can learn more about this tiny home located in Victoria Australia.

Living in a Space Ship

I have always been fascinated by Biosphere 2 located in Arizona, USA. This experimental building was designed to be self-sustaining and to support human life. The original experiments were designed to see if humans could live in a closed space such as one on another planet. Think about the movie Martian starring Brad Pitt.

By DrStarbuck at Flickr 

In Adelaide, Australia there is a remarkable tiny home that resembles a space ship.

This home contains “off-the-grid technology, passive solar home design techniques and a unique combination of car tires, trash, and earth building all to create a spectacular, high functioning and ultra-efficient home”.
The design was inspired by Michael Reynolds the founder of Earthship Biotecture in Taos, New Mexico. The USA.

When Your Tiny House is a Boat

Houseboats are nothing new. Families have been taking vacations in houseboats for many years. But they are not exactly designed to be lived in. The tiny houseboat is meant to be home. Permanently swaying in the gentle waters you call home.

Harbor Cottage Houseboats of Somerset, Ky. was one of the first companies to begin designing tiny houseboat homes. Living aboard a houseboat is a rewarding experience but does take some adjustments.
Designing houseboats takes some extra care when it comes to plumbing. Certain regulations apply to toilets and grey water when you are on the water.


When a boat is docked they can just hook up to water, sewer, and electric via the dock. Much like a campground for RVs.

When out on the water more care is necessary. A composting or incinerator toilet are good eco-friendly options.

The number of people living on houseboats is gaining momentum in Australia where numerous rivers and lakes offer people many options. Some people purchase a piece of riverfront property. This gives them the option of having their own dock. They can also build a shed or have a small garden area.

Living on the water allows for a delightful sense of freedom.

Tiny houses come in many shapes and sizes. You can choose the best one for you by visiting BigTiny. We offer several design choices for building. You can also book a friendly eco-vacation and try out one of our tiny houses.

Author, Ame Vanorio is a freelance writer and a big fan of living tiny. She lives in an 860 sq ft “green” cabin that she and her son built themselves. Ame is the director of Fox Run Environmental Center.


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