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Tiny House Trailers

Would you like to learn how you can build your dream tiny house with ease and without making thousands of dollars in mistakes? The answer lies in having the correct information and support throughout the process. 

Many people try to go it all alone and end up frustrated and wasting thousands of dollars in lost time and materials. Why not just get the correct information from the start from someone who has already done exactly what you want to do?

The good news for you though is that you no longer have to struggle or read a thousand American tiny house websites. Our dedicated team has lived in tiny houses in Australia and we are passionate about helping others make their tiny dream come true.

We’ve also done all of the hard work like the design and research so you can sit back and relax and enjoy the process.

So whats the first step then? Trailer Plans! 

Your probably thinking right now, “but i just want a trailer, not plans”. But let me explain….

Most trailer manufacturers in Australia do not have their own engineering team in house and as such they do not provide custom drawings without a big cost. If you walk in to the majority of manufacturers and ask for a tiny house trailer they will more often than not just give you a blank stare. And if they do try and help they will charge you considerably for the plans that they have to have drawn up (whether they tell you this or not!).

The way to avoid this frustration and massive waste of time is to:

      1. Already have your tiny house trailer plans in hand; &
      2. Use a manufacturer who has experience in building tiny house trailers


You can view our range of tiny house plans and trailer plans here!