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25 April

Modern technology has improved tiny house living. In the past tiny houses were often built by those of us who wanted to get away from it all and have a simpler life. The new tiny house movement is embracing modern technology as a way to simplify our lives while improving efficiency, convenience and safety.

Are you looking to move into a tiny house but still need to be connected with the twenty first century? ? Maybe your remote job depends on technological innovations. Don’t worry you can have all the latest gadgets and still enjoy the economic and environmental advantages of a tiny house.

Off Grid Tech in Australia

Many people with typical homes cannot afford to have alternative energy because the size of the system makes it too expensive. With a tiny house, you can take advantage of all the latest off – grid innovations to power your home. You can even power and monitor your energy system with smart technology.

This tiny house in Bryon Bay, New South Wales, features off-grid technologies that make life simple yet up to date.

They used up to date and lightweight building materials because Australia limits weights to limited to 4.5 tonnes (~9,900 pounds). Watch the video below to see how Paul and Annette designed their tiny house to be modern and energy efficient.

Taking the time to design your tiny house will allow you to plan for everything you want and need.

Modern technology has made it easier to secure your home and keep your family safe. In addition, you can make your home more comfortable and enjoyable with a great entertainment system.

High Performance

High-Performance tiny houses are all the rage. You can check out this great video of the TinyLab House that utilizes many smart features and technology. The Tiny Lab House is a world wide  example of utilizing smart technology to make a home more efficient, comfortable and safe.




Using automation to control things in your house will save you time, energy and money. You can choose schedules for things to turn on and off. You can also set things like lights to turn on using sensors or the opening of a door.

Smartphone-Controlled Lighting

Controlling your lights with your smartphone can improve efficiency and save you money. It is also great for security. Even if you are not home you can turn your lights on and off, making it look like the house is occupied.

Smart Door Lock

Keys are things of yesteryear. Today’s smartphones can make for a much more secured living environment. Installation is actually quite easy.

Tiny houses on the go can especially benefit from smart door locks. As you are traveling your “neighbors” will change and you are going to meet many people you do not know. This is a wonderful advantage to traveling with your tiny home.

Not only will a smart door offer greater security but it can monitor who comes and goes. Many smart door locks can be opened and closed from your cell phone. Some have voice command which is a great advantage if your arms are full of packages.

By Nuki Smart Lock (Flickr User)

Blue Tooth Sound System

Whether you are a musician on the road or just someone who loves music a blue tooth sound system is great for your tiny home.

A Bluetooth sound system can be integrated with the rest of your smart technology.  Bluetooth is a direct wireless system which pairs a transmitter to a receiver. The transmitter is your cell phone or computer and the receiver is your systems speaker.

Bluetooth quality has greatly improved in recent years. Bluetooth is not a very loud system which is fine for a tiny house. Smaller speakers and battery-powered make them perfect to stick in cubby’s or on a small shelf.

Using Wink Hub to Connect

Products like Wink Hub allow you to get all your homes smart technology linked together. Basically, this helps them to speak the same wireless language. You can use an app to control everything in your home.

It will sync with Apple or Android phones.

Mini-Split Heating-and-Cooling Unit

Mini-splits are small individualized heating and cooling systems. They consist of an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor unit that delivers cold or warm air.

Their small size and easy installation make them ideal for tiny homes. They only require a three-inch hole in the wall to be installed. A mini split system requires no ductwork, is energy efficient and can heat or cool or heat a 400 square foot home.

Monitor Your Air Quality

There are several devices that monitor the air quality of your home. Things such as Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and particulate matter all can damage our respiratory systems. CO2 can be deadly.

Devices such as Foobot and Awair can be easily set up to monitor your tiny house. They also regulate and monitor temperature and humidity.  Both systems integrate with Amazon echo or a Wink Hub so that you can control them remotely.

Looking to Host a Tiny House?

Australia residents with land can earn extra dollars by hosting a tiny house. Tiny Away is looking for partners to place tiny homes. You can earn rental income and try out a tiny home at the same time.



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