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Fastest Tiny House Builds

24 May

Your dream has come true. You have saved up the money and are ready to hire a builder for your tiny home. You want to have the fastest tiny house build available.

How long does it take to build a tiny house?

According to  professionals can build a tiny house in around 120 hours. That would be for a traditional stick house. Building from scratch always takes longer than building with prefabricated panels

Many tiny house builders are designing prefabricated houses that use factory-made panels. These panels or SIPs (structural insulated panel) can be made quickly in the factory.

You can read more about the benefits of prefabricated houses in our article Build Your Tiny House With Prefabricated SIP’s.


Custom Versus Model

One thing you will want to consider is whether you want a custom floor plan or a model floor plan. There are pros and cons to each one.

A custom floor plan reflects your unique needs because you decide on the design and important features. However, the custom design does take longer because your specifications affect the construction process. So expect up to a six-month build on a custom job.

Model home plans are a much faster build time. For designs that use prefabricated panels, the actual construction process is very quick. The panels are made in bulk in a factory with specific cutouts for the windows and the doors.

When you watch the video of Big Tiny you will see how quickly they can put the panels into place.

There is also a hybrid version. You can pick a design that uses prefabricated walls and cutouts to make the exterior of your tiny home. Then there is more give intake to what you want to do with the interior.

The Whispers by Big Tiny


Just like any relationship its all about communication. Do your research online but make a point to call and talk to your future builder.

This is your home so take the time to ask questions such as:

  • Was my trailer designed to hold my tiny house?
  • What energy-saving features will my tiny home have?
  • Does my tiny house use environmentally sustainable materials?
  • Will my plumbing and electric be to code?
  • How long will it take for you to build my design?
  • Do I need zoning or transportation permits?

Big Tiny

Big Tiny is an Asian company based in Singapore. On the fast track for success, they are  growing quickly, as well as supplying homes. In addition, they have offices in Australia and Malaysia so they may serve several countries in southeast Asia.

Big Tiny started out as a vacation rental company that supplied tiny houses for holidays. The brilliant idea occurred to co-founder Adrian as he was vacationing on a farm in rural Australia with his family.

Big Tiny facilitates fun eco-friendly vacations while supporting rural farmers with a much needed additional income.

Today you can become a land host or purchase a tiny home from Big Tiny. They offer five different floor plans to meet any design you may want. Prices start at AUD $35,000.

Two Hour Build

Big Tiny can assemble a whole house in two hours.

Check out their video demonstrating their fast building techniques for a tiny house.


One of the keys to their success is using SIPS. The panels are prepared in a factory in Malaysia and then shipped to Australia. Learn more about our company by watching the following video.


Located in Colorado, USA, Tumbleweed is considered the Cadillac of Tiny Houses in America. They are proud to be the largest manufacturer of Tiny House RVs in North America.

The company has been instrumental in the tiny house movement. Tumbleweed has paved the way for tiny houses to become accepted modes of transportation, worked to have zoning laws adapted to favor tiny houses and developed the first Green Certified Tiny House RV.

Tumbleweed tiny houses are built in a quality controlled factory. Custom designed houses take two to three months to build.

Tumbleweed has four base models that come in various lengths and square footage. Their most popular model is the Cyprus which starts at USD $65, 959.

Wunder House

Wunder House is based in Romania with an additional office in Germany. They serve the European continent with delightful tiny homes. They emphasize a healthy living space and are dedicated to environmentally sustainable materials.

There most popular design is the Pollux. Wunder House offers customers a three-step process. Discuss, Plan, Build. These steps vary in length depending on how fast the customer makes choices.

Each part of their tiny homes is custom made in their factory in Romania. Even with the custom build they stay on track and are usually done in under three months.

Wunder House has a great video on weatherproofing the tiny house.



View from a Tiny Away vacation home


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