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What do Tiny Houses cost?

The cost of a Tiny House varies greatly depending on a range of factors such as:

– The building material you use

– The overall size

– The quality of the finish

– Interior fittings and appliances

– If you DIY or hire help

According to Ryan Mitchell of the tinylife.com and the Tiny House Conference, the average cost to do it yourself is $23,000 USD (2014). That equates to around $29,000 AUD at the current exchange rate (May 2015). With a national median house price of AU$ 571,500 as of December 2014 (source: ABS), this makes the total cost of the average DIY Tiny House 1/4 of the average Australians DEPOSIT! Meaning you could save one quarter as much as the average Aussie and still never have a mortgage. That sounds like having your cake and eating it to!