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“Enchanting 10-Meter Tiny House: Your Oasis of Tranquility Awaits”

$138,000.00 ONO For Sale Sydney NSW, Australia
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Introducing our remarkable (far from diminutive) 10-meter tiny house, an exquisite gem waiting to be embraced and cherished by you. A truly captivating abode, this splendid haven was carefully chosen by our family of four during the lockdown, conceived as a haven of tranquility on our charming hobby farm in the breathtaking landscapes of Gunning, NSW.

Each nook and cranny of this magnificent dwelling radiates the essence of pure luxury, where every single detail has been painstakingly fashioned with unwavering devotion. Despite our deepest desires to fully immerse ourselves in its embrace, the demands of our bustling lives have regrettably kept us from savoring its true enchantment. The appliances remain immaculate and untouched, eager to serve your needs, as our visits have been all too brief, filled with lively board games and cherished memories.

Ah, the tale of this irresistible tiny house is interwoven with a captivating romance. It was conceived in the hearts of a gifted designer and her skilled builder husband, amidst the enchanting landscapes of Queensland. The very act of crafting this miniature marvel drew them into a love that defies time, and now, this embodiment of their affection seeks its new custodian – that could be you.

Imagine yourself within this haven of new beginnings, enveloped by an air of novelty. Delight in the magnificence of an untouched kitchen and shower, promising a culinary adventure of exquisite flavors and invigorating refreshment. An entirely separate bedroom beckons, adorned with a fold-out bed, an impressive 50″ smart TV, and two thoughtfully designed built-in wardrobes, nestled alongside a captivating feature bay window. With safety in mind, the staircase is adorned with secure steps and a sturdy rail, providing a sanctuary for little ones and those young at heart.

Beyond a mere dwelling, this is a trove of modern conveniences. A whispering washing machine promises crisp linens and fragrant garments, while the embrace of air conditioning cocoons you in comfort. A brand-new refrigerator stands ready to preserve your culinary masterpieces, anticipating your touch.

The allure persists as this splendid abode effortlessly connects to electricity via an extension cord, or seamlessly joins the main sewage for your utmost convenience. And should you dare to venture off-grid, the charm remains, offering the option of embracing a compost toilet.

Marvel at the inclusions: an air conditioner, ceiling fan, pristine fridge, immaculate washing machine, unused kitchen and shower, a wall-mounted 50″ TV in the primary bedroom, and two meticulously designed built-in wardrobes. Allow the gentle sun to caress your skin through timber Venetian blinds, infusing every window with timeless elegance. The generous dimensions of 10 meters in length and 2.4 meters in width offer a spaciousness that dreams are made of.

This masterpiece, poised for its next chapter, eagerly awaits a small family, a couple, or a kindred spirit seeking solace. It calls out with the promise of becoming an Airbnb sensation, where travelers will find their hearts intertwined with its irresistible charm.

Uncover this tiny sanctuary nestled amidst the idyllic landscapes of Gunning, NSW, just a stone’s throw away from Goulburn and Canberra, a mere 2.5-hour journey south from Sydney. Priced at $138,800, excluding GST, the allure of this dwelling is as negotiable as it is breathtaking.

Embrace this ethereal tiny house, where dreams seamlessly merge with reality, and love discovers its eternal abode. Your journey commences right here.

• Aircon
• Ceiling fan
• Brand new fridge
• Washing machine in good condition
• Brand new kitchen (never used)
• Brand new shower (never used)
• 50″ tv mounted to bedroom wall
• Bed in main bedroom that folds out
• Two built in wardrobes
• Timber Venetian blinds in all windows.


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  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Hot water
  • Kitchen
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Shower
  • Stove
  • Washer

Property Details

  • Property Id:6175
  • Price:$138,000.00 ONO
  • Bathrooms:1
  • Bathrooms:2
  • Property Size:24 sq meter
  • Property Type:Tiny House
  • Property Owner:SNA_Tiny

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