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Bright and cosy tiny house for sale!

$40,000.00 Negotiable For Sale Cabramatta, NSW, Australia


Our tiny hygge home is built on a 4.85m x 2.4m trailer, using a mixture of recycled/reused/re-purposed and new materials. It has a height of approximately 4.15m, and all its dimensions fit the Australian Design Rules to be safely towed on the road.

This tiny home will suit a more stationary tenant, be it your teenage son in your backyard, an extra space for friends to come and stay, or AirBnB guests for additional income for your home. A composting toilet can be fitted if you’d like your tiny house off-grid.

The benefit of having your tiny house on wheels instead of a granny flat is that it can be towed to your new location if you ever move. Its bespoke design creates an irreplaceable hygge space for the people spending time in it, reading books, playing board games, or having a cup of tea and a pain au chocolat with a friend.

Highlights of this tiny house: Exterior wall cladding made of recycled materials; High quality, new insulation sourced from other building projects which otherwise would have been thrown out; High quality, new ceiling and roof materials are also offcuts from other projects; Reused windows and doors; Brand new plywood internal walls to be painted or left as is for a natural look; Full size shower, good size kitchen benchtop and spacious loft.

This tiny house is now available for sale. Buy right now priced at $40k without a toilet. If you would like a composting toilet installed we can offer this option for additional charge. If you are interested feel free to send us an email or give us a call to discuss 🙂

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  • Property Id:1909
  • Price:$40,000.00 Negotiable
  • Bathrooms:1
  • Bathrooms:1
  • Property Size:16 Sqm
  • Property Type:Tiny House
  • Property Owner:Shuennie

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Bright and cosy tiny house for sale!

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