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Banner Ad Guidelines & FAQ’s

Tiny Real Estate banner ads drive highly targeted traffic straight to your website. Our audience is very passionate about all things tiny and are eager and willing to buy when the right product comes along. 

Where Can You Advertise?

We currently have two spots available across the website:

  1. A Top Banner Ad – This spot receives the most amount of traffic possible. It is placed at the top of the page on our website so you will be reaching the most number of visitors.
  2. A Bottom Banner Ad – Placed at the bottom of the page. This spot reaches a smaller percentage of our audience but is a great option if your budget is less.

To get started creating your ad now simply head to:

What Sizes Are Available?

  • Top Banner Ad: 800 x 90 pixels
  • Bottom Banner Ad: 800 x 90 pixels

How Much Does It Cost?

Banner ads on Tiny Real Estate are extremely affordable in comparison to other online advertising platforms. We strive to provide a cost effective return on investment for all of our advertisers. Our advertising spaces available in two common advertising formats:

  1. Cost Per 1,000 impressions (CPM) – With the CPM model (cost per 1,000 impressions) you pay per one thousand people who see your advert. You can select the number of impressions that are right for you when placing your ad.
  2. Cost Per Click (CPC) – With a Cost Per Click ad you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and goes through to your website.

For current prices please visit:

How Can I Track My Ads Performance?

Once your ad has been approved you can go to:

Here you will be able to view your ads, there performance, and all other helpful information.

How Long Until My Ad Is Approved?

Banners are generally approved within 48 hours. Once they are approved you will receive an email to confirm this.

How Does The Approval Process Work?

Once you have submitted and paid for your ad your ad will go into a moderation queue. All banners are manually assessed before they are approved to go live. Once your banner has been approved you will receive an instant email confirmation. If you banner is not approved you will also receive an email notification to say your ad has not been approved. If your ad is not approved we advise you to revisit these guidelines. This will help you to understand why it would have been declined. All you then need to do is edit your ad and re-submit it for review.

Banners We Wont Approve

All ad disapproval’s are at the sole discretion of Tiny Real Estate and it’s employees. Tiny Real Estate and its employees accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss incurred as a result of an ad disapproval.

Banner ads that will not be approved include:

  • Animated banners that are too loud, aggressive or a hindrance to the users experience.
  • Banners promoting any competitors to Tiny Real Estate.
  • Banners promoting questionable products. 
  • Banners appearing to be endorsed by Tiny Real Estate.
  • Banners promoting products that are of little value to our users.


For further information on advertising on you are welcome to get in contact with us here.