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WEB: EMAIL: Welcome to Aussie Tiny Houses, here we are positively changing the way the entire world lives, and paving the new revolution for living a more sustainable, natural, integrated, organic, harmonious, and most importantly, affordable life. Here at Aussie Tiny Houses, we are a team of experienced contractors located in Australia, and we have the know-how and expertise to beautifully plan, build, and design your custom-made tiny house. The tiny homes we build are perfect for individuals, couples, and even families. We only use high-quality materials and each tiny home we build is created with durability, strength, and longevity to last the test of time. Contact us today! We are ready and willing to build the tiny home of your dreams and help you live a more sustainable, organic, and natural existence! Simplify your life and find the freedom you have always been looking for, we welcome you to the tiny house movement!

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