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Should I build or buy my first Tiny House?

Deciding on whether to build or buy a Tiny House comes down to a number of factors:

1. Experience in a trade or building

2. Money available

3. Time available

4. Features that you want for your Tiny House

If you have experience in building or have a trade background as well as some time up your sleeves then I would recommend building your own as it not only enables you to save more money but gives you the freedom to design your Tiny House to suite your exact needs. If on the other hand you don’t have the experience, or much time, then don’t count the building option out, it just may take a little longer and will be a steeper learning curve. Rest assured though, there have been thousands of Tiny House enthusiasts worldwide who have had no previous building experience that have successfully built there own Tiny Houses. 

If you don’t want to build, that’s ok too. Just use the search feature on our homepage by clicking here to search for an existing Tiny House near you or check out the ‘Builders’ page to find a company near you that can do all of the work for you!